The First KX133

Epox EP-7KXA Motherboard Review

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Epox was the first major motherboard manufacturer to adopt and produce a board based on the second generation of Athlon chipsets, the VIA KX133. Being a long supporter of most of VIA chipsets, especially during the time of the now-dead socket 7 genre, Epox has a reputation for building high quality products that are readily available to the consumer market. This new board has been no exception.

Unlike Asus with their K7M motherboard, Epox has a less tight relationship with the mogul, Intel, so their promotion of the EP-7KXA is more public. There will be no whiteboxes sent out to consumers, and the Epox web site is currently actively showing the EP-7KXA on the front page.

Let’s start out the review by looking at the motherboard specifications.

Motherboard Specifications
CPU Socket Slot-A
Chipset VIA KX133
VIA 371 North Bridge
VIA 686A South Bridge
Form Factor ATX
Bus Speed Options 83; 88; 90; 95; 100; 110; 115MHz
Voltages 1.50v – 1.80v; in 0.05v increments
Memory Slots 3 DIMMs (PC100, PC133, VC100, VC133 supported)
Expansion Slots 5/1/1/1 Configuration (PCI/ISA/AMR/AGP)
AGP Support 4x AGP Core
USB Support 4 USB Ports
BIOS Award Bios

Memory Recommendations:
As always, for any Athlon system running at PC133 speed, recommends:

Mushkin PC133 222 SDRAM –
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