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3DCOOL Athlon Freezer Pro Fan Review

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You’ve got your shiny new Athlon processor. You’ve your new top of line Athlon motherboard that is rock solid in stability and you are ready to push the speed of your system to the limit. Welcome. Welcome to the world of overclocking. That IS what you were getting at, right? I thought so. Even with the highest rated motherboard on the market, and the fastest SDRAM and all of the other prime components in your system, it can only go as fast as the processor allows. The easiest and cheapest way to do this is overclocking. Take that inexpensive Athlon 800 and shove it to 1 GHz; its the American way. (Or any nationalities way, for that matter.) 3DCOOL Athlon Freezer Pro Fan Review - Cases and Cooling 13

Pushing that CPU past its designed clock speed is great, but what about the draw backs? First and most importantly is heat. Unprotected, an overclocked CPU, running at a higher than standard voltage will be cooked and fried unless you get some major cooling for the processor. Enter stage left: the Athlon Freezer Pro from 3DCOOL, who has just redesigned their site, FYI.

Below are the specifications for this fan, according the 3DCOOL website:

  • Dual Double ball bearing 60×60 fans
  • Fits all AMD Athlon and Intel Pentium II CPUs
  • Chrome Grills covering both fans for a killer look
  • 36dbA Noise Level
  • 23CFM of air flow per fan, 46CFM total
  • 4200RPM fans
  • 120x58x34mm total
  • Largest heatsink you’ll find
  • Easy 5 second install process with our custom snap clips
  • Lifetime Warranty

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