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Soltek SL-77KV KX133 Motherboard Review

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Soltek is in not known for their impact on the motherboard market. In fact, many of you may have never heard of them before this review. But this doesn’t prevent them from putting their best effort forward to ship a very competitive KX133 solution to the Athlon market. SoltekUSA, the US main distribution for the Soltek brand, sent this board along to let people know that their product exists, and that they are proud of it.

Having never released an AMD 750 chipset Slot-A board, the SL-77KV is their first attempt in the growing Athlon user base. The board has all the features that most other boards do, as well as some extras for those looking for a decent overclocking solution. Here are the specs on the Soltek board:

Motherboard Specifications
CPU Socket Slot-A
Chipset VIA KX133
VIA 371 North Bridge
VIA 686A South Bridge
Form Factor ATX
Bus Speed Options 66, 83, 100, 110, 115, 124, 129, 133 MHz
Voltages 1.50v – 1.90v; in 0.05v increments
Memory Slots 3 168 pin DIMM (PC100, PC133 Supported)
Expansion Slots 5/1/1/1 Configuration (PCI/ISA/AMR/AGP)
AGP Support 4x AGP Core
USB Support 2 USB Ports

Memory Recommendations:
As always, for any Athlon system running at PC133 speed, recommends:

Mushkin PC133 222 SDRAM –
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