K7 Overclocking Card

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  • URL: http://www.k7oc.com
  • Price: $39.00
  • Size: 2.25” x 1.25”
  • Power: 8: power pass-thru
  • Switches: 8 small, 4 large dipswitches
  • Extras: none
The final GFD we tested today, the K7 Overclocking Card is the least expensive of them, coming in at $39. This alone will be the deciding factor for many of you GFD purchases, since the GFDs all perform the same technically.

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The K7OC got the size of their GFD right on the money. They moved the longer side to be parallel with the CPU, giving the user an extra inch to work with if your power supply is a factor of getting in the way. Man these descriptions get shorter as the article progresses, huh? 🙂

The power on the K7OC in controlled by an 8” pass through cable that allows the user to connect a shortened or distanced power adapter and still use it for another device with purchasing an additional power cord splitter. Just another helpful addition for the customer.

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The switches on the K7OC are a mixed bag. There are 8 small switches and 4 large ones. The 8 small ones are a pain to get to, so again, use a screwdriver or pen. The other 4 are nice and easy to switch with your fingers. If only a company would release them with all these size switches. Though this would probably increase the size of the PCB too much. There aren’t any extras to be included on this GFD.

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