Quake III

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Elsa GeForce2 GTS v. GeForce DDR - Graphics Cards 8

At the 16-bit mode on Quake III: Arena, we see a couple of the factors of the GeForce2 come into place. First, at the lower resolutions, the improvement over the GeForce DDR is minimal, but still noticeable. But at the higher resolutions, 1152 x 864, is where the difference becomes a factor on the actual gameplay. With an over 30 FPS difference at 1152 x 864, the price for the upgrade becomes more managable. 🙂 The high fill rate of the card is what makes the benchmarks so high here.

Elsa GeForce2 GTS v. GeForce DDR - Graphics Cards 9

In 32-bit mode, we see a less dramatic difference, since the RAM and speed of the RAM is needed for the increased texture sizes. Still a difference that noticeable to the eye, however.

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