3DMark and Final Conclusion

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Elsa GeForce2 GTS v. GeForce DDR - Graphics Cards 8

Just shows that there is a difference in the ‘3DMarks’ associated with the two cards.

Elsa GeForce2 GTS v. GeForce DDR - Graphics Cards 9

Using the almost completely different 3DMark 2000, there is an even larger more noticeable difference in performance.

So, what does this all mean? Should you sell your GeForce and go and nab one of the first GeForce2s? By all means, if you have the extra cash, do so. If you are like the rest of us, however, and are stapped for cash, keep your GeForce for at least one more generation of NVIDIA cards. If you still have not upgraded your video card in a while, then the new GeForce 2 GTS looks like the way to go, and this Elsa brand card looks to stack up well.

When I have more time playing..ahem…testing this new card, I can post my full review with features and drivers specs. Look for that soon.

Find the lowest price on the Elsa GeForce 2 GTS card – HERE.

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