Tweeking Device GFD

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With a little GFD roundup just completed, why am I doing another review of a gold finger device right afterwards? Well, first because the distributor for this one didn’t send me his until after he saw the 3 other reviews, so I didn’t have it to include. I may not have otherwise done this review, but the GFD has a lot benefits that put it just above the rest of the GFDs on the market. Take a read at quite possibly the shortest review in history.

If you read the LINK 3 Gold Fingers LINK review, then you already know that in all honesty, all of the GFDs perform on the same level, and it is the little features that will give one an edge over the other. Here is the set up of the Tweeking Device

Tweeking Device 2

  • URL:
  • Price: $45.00
  • Size: 1.25″ x 1.37”
  • Power: No Power Connector
  • Switches: 8 small dipswitches
  • Extras: none

Tweeking Device GFD - General Tech 13 Tweeking Device GFD - General Tech 14
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