Hercules 3D Prophet II GeForce 2 GTS 64mb

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Hercules 3D Prophet II GeForce 2 GTS 64mb - Graphics Cards 24 It’s nice to see that the good name of Hercules can continue on in this harsh world of computer hardware. Not long ago, we feared that Hercules and their quality products would be gone for good, but Guillemot stepped up to the plate to save the name and brand. The year 2000 has been great for video cards and hardware technology in general. We saw the reaching of the 1 GHz level in processors and video cards that are actually over-powerful (well, maybe not). And the trend looks to continue.

Not long ago, I reviewed the 32mb version of the GeForce 2 GTS brand video card, and now I sit down to look over its 64mb big brother. It amazes me, less than a year ago, my entire PC system had 64mb of memory, and I was more than satisfied with 8mb Voodoo Rush card I had purchased. Those days are long gone, and I am thankful. We’ll start off this review with the specs of this video card:

Product Name 3D Prophet 2 GTS 64MB
Chipset NVIDIA GeForce 2 GTS
RAMDAC (MHz) 350
Speed of core (MHz) [ Guillemot ] 200
Flavours Available AGP Only
Supported API(s) OpenGL & Direct3D
Amount of RAM (MB) 64
Speed of RAM (Mhz) [ Guillemot ] 333
Speed of RAM (ns) [ Guillemot ] 6.0
CRT Resolutions/Maximum Refresh Rates yes
640×480 240
800×600 240
1024×768 240
1152×864 200
1280×1024 170
1600×1200 120
1920×1200 100
1920×1440 85
2048×1536 75
TV-Out (Svideo) yes
TV-Out (Composite) yes
TV-Out Max Res. (NTSC) 640×480
TV-Out Max Res. (PAL) 800×600
DVI yes
DVI Max Res. 1600×1200
HDTV-Out no
HDTV-Out: Max Res. n/a
Svideo no
Composite no
DRIVER (On installation CD)
Windows 95/98 yes
Windows NT yes
Windows 2000 yes
Linux no
Beos no
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