Bandwidth and Evolution

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Detailed Socket-A Information - Processors 15

This image shows the bandwidth of all current systems. The Athlon CPU bus has a higher bandwidth than the Pentium 3, and even with PC800 SDRAM, RAMBUS is only slightly faster than PC133 SDRAM that is compatible with current Socket A systems.

Detailed Socket-A Information - Processors 16

Here we see how the Socket-A chipset (KT133) works with the Athlon processors and the rest of the components on th motherboard.

Detailed Socket-A Information - Processors 17

This chart is interesting in that it compares the standard Athlons to newer, upgraded Athlon Thunderbird processors. Notice TBirds have half the cache size, but are now working at 100% speed of the CPU itself. There is also the mention of the AMD 760 chipset, showing that it may closer than we expect before we can start seeing these boards.

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