Gigabyte 7ZM KT133 Motherboard Review

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In what seems like a growing trend from motherboard manufacturers is the release of the microATX versions of boards before there full-size ATX counterparts. In this release, Gigabyte has pushed the 7ZM, micro-ATX version, motherboard out of the door before its 7ZX board, which is the ATX version. This is mainly due to the fact that system builders and OEMs prefer the micro-ATX motherboards for building low cost systems to sell. The end customer purchases of motherboards is actually a very small percentage of most motherboard manufacturer’s sales.

Gigabyte, one of the first to produce a Slot-A motherboard for the Athlon processors, the GA-7IX, and was one of the first to release a KT133 chipset motherboard for the new Socket A processors, the Thunderbird and Duron. Here are the specs on the board:

Motherboard Specifications
CPU Socket Socket A
Chipset KT133
VIA 8783 North
VIA 686A South
Form Factor micro-ATX
Bus Speed Options 95 / 100 / 105 / 110 / 113 / 115 / 117 / 133
Voltages Auto Detected
Memory Slots 3 DIMM slots (PC/VC100 PC/VC133 Supported)
Expansion Slots 3/1/0/1 (PCI/AGP/ISA/AMR)
AGP Support 4x (retention clip)
USB Support 4 USB ports (2 with added cable)
BIOS AMIBIOS 1.21 recommends Mushkin ( PC133 222 SDRAM for all KT133 motherboards.

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