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AMD Duron 800 MHz Review - Processors 20

SPECs are slightly different than the average benchmarking software. Set for the professional on an OpenGL / Windows 2000 environment, this software tests different aspects of the CPUs ability to function in high-end workstations. The light-03 tests shows the Athlon processor to be only 3-4% faster than the Duron 800, while the Duron @ 1 GHz is 8-9% faster than the Thunderbird.

AMD Duron 800 MHz Review - Processors 21

The Awadvs-03 tests shows a somewhat similar result in that the Duron and Thunderbird are close, but with the Athlon barely edging ahead. The 1000 MHz Duron still comes out almost 10% faster than the Athlon at 800 MHz.

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