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Thermaltake Super Orb Review

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Thermaltake Super Orb Review - Cases and Cooling 16 Thermaltake is basically a new comer onto the high light of the overclocking / cooling field. They have been the talk of the overclocking community for some months now with their radically new designed coolers, know as the Orb Series of coolers. From the picture on the right, you can see how they came up with the name.

The Super Orb, which was graciously provided by Sterling at Monarch Computer Systems, has one of the sweetest designs that I have come across. Extending from the success of the Chrome Orb and Golden Orb (which quickly became known only as “Gorb”), this heatsink/fan is noticeably taller than its bretheren. The ‘fins’ of the heatsink are made out of Aluminum 6063 which is very soft and easy to bend or modify. We will get more into the modification section on the next page. Readers who own Abit Socket A boards will surely want to stick around for that part.

The Super Orb, besides being taller and therefore having more heatsink area, has two fans on it. One is very visible on the top of the HSF, and one that is hidden below, near the bottom of the heatsink. It may be hard to see at first try, so here is the picture with the top fan off:

Thermaltake Super Orb Review - Cases and Cooling 17
The top fan has a CFM rating of 23.1 and the bottom fan is rated at 21.0 CFM. This totals for 44.1 total CFM. One thing you can be sure of because of this: a little noise. The fans Thermaltake chose to use are high quality and help keep the noise level to a minimum, but with that much air movement, there is nothing that can be done unless you have a well insulated case.

Also, with two fans, you need to have two power connectors on your motherboard. If you don’t Thermaltake includes a 2-pin to 3-pin power cable converter so you can connect the 2nd fan to the power supply.

Here are the specs of the fan from

  • 69dia x 74 mm tall
  • TCS09 Clip on Clip
  • 43x25mm 3-Wire
  • Top Fan:
    • 12 volt
    • 30 dBA
    • 23.1 CFM
    • 5000 RPM
  • Bottom Fan:
    • 12 volt
    • 28 dBA
    • 21 CFM
    • 5500 RPM
  • Aluminum 6063
  • Thermal Resistence: Theta ja=0.66c/w
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