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Wrapping up:

Overall, the UL3D performed well. Its strong performance was duplicated within Windows2000 and in some areas, improved over WindowsME. Compared to WindowsME, the CPU utilization within HD Tach was unusually high at seventeen percent. Currently ATTO engineers are looking into an explaination. Many of the “seasoned” SCSI aficionados expressed concern over the “software” RAID. Referencing both WindowsME and Window2000, should soothe their trepidation. At a price of $438.00, this far exceeds any other product in its class. It should also be pointed out that the UL3D is a dual channel U160 SCSI controller with RAID 0, 1 (RAID1 supported by MAC only), support. With this being the case, is a solid value.

My comparsion between the UL3D and the 2100S was based on class/price. The Adaptec retails between $349.00-$400.00 whereas, the UL3D retails between $428.00-$529.00; depending on the RAID software and two external cables (Kit). From a price/performance perspective, ATTO should consider offering the two external SCSI cables seperately. This would allow ATTO to position themselves to be more competitive with the likes of Adaptec and Tekram. While there are certainly better performing and more expensive RAID solutions such as the Mylex ExtremeRAID2000 (review coming soon), for $1795.00, the cost of the UL3D makes for an even more attractive high performance solution. It was our intention to provide an impression as to the expected level of performance one should anticipate between the products showcased here. I did decide however, to exclude the important Iometer results due to the diversity and complexity of the application.


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