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ADS Technology Features and Benefits

Advanced Data Streaming Technology is a combination of features engineered to allow for controlled acceleration of data transfers to move large amounts of data faster and more efficiently. ATTO’s exclusive ADS Technology enables users to achieve the ultimate in I/O performance for Content Creation applications. Since ATTO ExpressPCI host adapters utilize only about 1/3 the system bandwidth of other host adapters, our products provide a valuable advantage in these data intensive environments.

  • ATTO ExpressPCI adapters utilize a 3rd generation embedded LSI Logic’s RISC I/O processor, providing for efficient operation and lower overhead.
  • Bus Mastering eliminates the need for communicating with the host CPU by transferring data directly between the ATTO ExpressPCI host adapter and system memory. This relieves the CPU from the burden of managing SCSI activities and increases system bandwidth for other applications.
  • Tagged Command Queuing allows multiple I/O commands to be processed in any order, providing increased performance of your devices.
  • Disconnect/Reconnect increases bus performance by eliminating wait time between an ExpressPCI host adapter and devices.
  • ADS Technology enables efficient use of the PCI bus by implementing optimized data transfer methods.
  • ADS utilize innovative processes that enable dynamic sharing of the PCI bus bandwidth in sophisticated environments.
  • With ADS, advanced optimized algorithms are implemented for Content Creation applications such as Digital Video, Digital Audio and prepress

Ultra3 SCSI

  • Double transition clocking
  • Cyclical redundancy checks
  • Domain validation
  • Compatible with Ultra 160/m, Ultra2, Ultra/WIDE, SCSI-3, SCSI-2 and SCSI-1 devices
  • Multithreaded I/O multiple initiator support
  • Low Voltage Differential/Single-Ended signaling
  • Bus mastering
  • Tagged command queuing
  • Asynchronous I/O support
Advanced SCSI
  • Bootable from attached disks
  • Disconnect/reconnect
  • Scatter/gather
  • Large command FIFO
  • Support for multiple block sizes
  • ASPI compliant (for PC users)
  • SCSI manager 4.3 compatible (for Macintosh® users)
  • Original SCSI manager compatible (for Macintosh users)
  • Compatible with PCI Based PCs and Macintosh straight out-of-the-box
  • Advanced Data Streaming (ADS™) Technology
  • Automatic termination
  • Upper-byte termination
  • Embedded RISC I/O processor
  • Flash ROM for easy field upgrades
  • PCI 2.2 compliant
  • PC 99 compliant
  • RAID ready
  • Plug and play
  • Includes ATTO ExpressPro-Tools formatting and utility software
  • MTBF = 150,000 hours
  • MTTR < 15 minutes
Dimensions: UL3D Length 6.521″
Height 4.450″
Operating Temperature: 0-50º Celsius
Humidity: 10-90% non-condensing
Power: 0.75 typical/2.0 max.
Amps @ + 5.0 VDC
0.05 Amps @ +12.0 VDC
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