Quake III and Content Creation

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Gigabyte 7DXC AMD 760 Motherboard Review - Motherboards 28

In the 640×480 resolution, we see good increases in both 16- and 32-bit color depths. A 9% increase in framerate in 16-bit and a 10% increase in 32-bit. Since Quake III’s performance at this low of a resolution is highly dependant on things such as memory bus and CPU speed, the increase here is expected with the increase in available memory bandwidth.

Gigabyte 7DXC AMD 760 Motherboard Review - Motherboards 29

As we move to the higher resolutions, we see that the difference in the framerate is becoming reduced. The bottleneck component of the system is now the video card and its ability to render the scenes quickly. There is still an increase in performance with the Gigabyte board, but just not as high as the low resolution.

Gigabyte 7DXC AMD 760 Motherboard Review - Motherboards 30

Content Creation Winstone, which is a test to mirror everyday use of the sytem using programs such as Adobe’s Premier and Photoshop, sees a good improvement of 15% in the score. The large files that are used and the heavy modifications that the programs perform on them take advantage the availabe memory bus to enhance the tests.

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