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Case – 3DCOOL Tornado 1000 – $170
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In the last guide, I left the case out just because I figured the case is the one aesthetic item in your personal system, so you might want to choose one based on your personal preferences. But I got lots of email recommendations anyway, and I had one of my own that I just didn’t use last time. It was this case, from the guys at Though it is just a case available in other retail and online venues (guess the case and win a prize) they do some good modifications to it for better cooling and noise reduction. The price is a little steep for a case with only a 300-watt power supply, but in the end I think you’ll highly enjoy this case.
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Monitor – 19″ Samsung 955SL – $300

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Of all the components of the system guide, this was the one I got the most responces about. Many people did not yet know that Samsung even made monitors, let alone good ones! Yet others bashed my selection and told me about other monitors from Sony and Viewsonic; but yet I do not sway. I have used other monitors, even a Sony 19″ that was mentioned, and can still say I prefer the Samsung on a price/performance ratio, hands down.
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Speakers – Altec Lansing ATP3 – $60

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I use my computer as both a TV, stereo, CD player and game machine, so sound is something that is very important to me. Along with the sound card, speakers are the key to have a great sounding experience on your machine, for any purpose.

While these Altec Lansing speakers do not take advantage of the 4-point speaker system available on EAX, they provide a killer amounts of both treble and bass that you can balance with the easy to use adjustments. In addition, the satellite speakers of this set of three are very slim lined and can fit almost anywhere. All the people who have purchased these speakers that I know of have returned to email me their thanks for the recommendation. 🙂 The price has dropped nearly $40 in the last month, so you’d better buy now.

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Mouse – Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer – $50

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Since the introduction of the optical mouse, I have been hooked. I have the Intellimouse Explorer since they were first released, and true to their word, it has never be cleaned, never malfunctioned and performed better than any wheel mouse ever could. Plus, it’s shiny! The price has gone down twenty bucks or so, and you can even find this mouse in OEM (white box) for around $40! Nice! Oh, and just for a plug to my friend Kyle over at HardOCP, no mouse would be complete without a nice RatPad underneath it! I have used one of these for over a year now! (…and I even paid for it!…)
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Operating System – Windows 98 SE – $100

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Some would say that choosing which Microsoft operating system to use is like choosing which way to jump out of an airplane. While I am not nearly as cynical, I can tell you that I truly dislike the newest Windows operating system, ME. I have gone through several versions of the beta as well as the final version and final version + patches and I have NEVER gotten anywhere near the performance or stability as I did with Windows 98 SE. So, I guess that pretty much sums that up, huh?
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