SiSoft, 3D Mark 2000, SPEC

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Asus A7V133 KT133A Motherboard Review - Motherboards 20

The memory benchmarks are the problematic area for PC133 SDRAM, even with the newer, faster front side bus speeds. Even running at 150 MHz, the PC133 just can’t keep up with the PC2100 DDR. However, this is a synthetic test and necessarily show the real world effect of the components.

Asus A7V133 KT133A Motherboard Review - Motherboards 21

3D Mark 2000 takes advantage of the 150 MHz DDR bus of the processor and allows the A7V133 @ 150 MHz to beat out the DDR motherboard in the 16-bit range. It falls behind in the 32-bit mode, however, as the memory dependencies increase, as in the Quake III tests.

Asus A7V133 KT133A Motherboard Review - Motherboards 22

Though it may be difficult to tell from the graph, the SPEC view tests get a good increase in performance when running on the 150 MHz bus, as to be expected. In this status, the PC133 is pretty close to at least matching the DDR board. Keep in mind, however, that the 7DXC is running at a default speed of 133 MHz.

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