Cooler Master ATC 310 Server Case Review

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Cooler Master ATC 310 Server Case Review - Cases and Cooling 17 If your trying to keep up with the Jones’ and price is no object, this is the case for you. While in Japan covering the latest technology for AMDMB, I discovered the ATC-310.

Since 1992, Cooler Master has designed, developed, and manufactured cooling devices for desktop personal computers. Cooler Master is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, and you will find Cooler Master thermal solutions inside of many tier-1 computers of companies worldwide. CoolerMaster has eight sales offices and three logistic warehouses, located around the world; for which these locations were specifically designed to support OEM’s and customers alike. Last year Cooler Master shipped more than 12 million CPU coolers. Total sales revenues reached US 36 million, which was a 50% increase from the previous year.

Over the last few years, CoolerMaster has been doing an excellent job of creating a name for themselves by designing and manufacturing innovative cases and coolers such as the ATC-210 and the Galileo “Pipe” fan. It is however difficult to position the ATC-310 due to its sheer fragility and extraordinary cost. It would be very unusual to see this enclosure shoved under the receptionist desk as it would be equally extraordinary to see the ATC-310 sitting in a closet running an ERP package.


  • Model No: ATC-310
  • Model Type: ATC-310-S41, ATC-310-G41, ATC-310-SRO, ATC-310-GR1
  • Material: All Aluminum Alloys
  • Drive Bay: 5.25″ Bays (exposed) X 5
  • 3.5″ Bays (exposed) X 1
  • 3.5″ Bays (hidden) X 5
  • Slot Bracket: 7
  • M/B Type: ATX / Full size (extend)
  • I/O Bracket: ATX
  • Power Supply: Optional Power Supply Unit (400W or 300W+300W Redundant Power)
  • Cooling: One 300mm Cross Fan attached
  • Four 80 x 80 x 25mm Fan attached back panel
  • Two 120 x 120 x 25mm Fan attached
  • Dimension: 592 mmX 363 mmX 558 mm
  • Weight: Case :12Kg
  • Power Supply :2Kg for 400W, 6Kg for 300W Redundant Power


  • Cool air is drawn through the 300mm cross fan at right side panel and blown directly onto motherboard and maximizes cooling.
  • Two 80mm fan blown directly on to all devices, exhausts the hot air which rises and accumulates.
  • Drawer-style motherboard tray (full size) for easy installation and maintenance.
  • Full EMI shielding to protect user from harmful electronic emissions.
  • Entire case is constructed of aluminum to conduct and disperse heat like a huge heat sink.
  • Highly flexible power supply options of 400W and 300W+300W redundant power
  • Tool-free assembly/disassembly for quick and convenient maintenance or upgrades.

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