AMD Athlon 1.33 GHz 266 MHz FSB Review

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AMD Athlon 1.33 GHz 266 MHz FSB Review - Processors 26 AMD. There’s no company quite like them in the computer business. They have been in the business nearly as long as main competitor Intel, but just recently have begun receiving the recognition they deserve. The introduction of the new Thunderbird and Duron processor took the individual system builders by storm – it’s just a shame the OEM market is lagging so far behind.

Otherwise, AMD has been doing excellent in the market with custom builds and individuals. The educated readers of and the Internet in general know that the Athlon, and even Duron, out perform the Intel counterparts. With a much lower price, choosing AMD is an easy choice.

In the last few months the speeds of all processors, not just AMD, has skyrocketed. In only October of last year, 900 MHz processors were fairly high-end. Now, you are witnessing the release of 1333 MHz CPU. Almost 450 MHz faster! 600 MHz if you count the overclocking that is done on this system. This latest stepping of processor from AMD looks to further push the boundaries of speed and power.

I’ve had the pleasure of testing this processor for over a month now, and I must say that is impressed me at every turn. Not to give away the ending, but faster is always better. But how much better? Is it worth upgrading to this next stepping of CPU? What if you already have a 1.2 GHz? A 1.0 GHz? A 700 MHz? Keeping reading and I will answer these questions and more.

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