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Matsonic 8308E SiS730s Motherboard Review - Motherboards 15

This test shows us a couple of things. First, the SiS730s chipset just isn’t as fast as the VIA KT133A or AMD 760 chipset. This is to be expected. However, the difference in speed is not so incredible that I would discount this chipset or motherboard from a budget box’s list. There is only about a 4% slowdown on the 640×480 level but at 1600×1200, the Matsonic falls back by a bit less than 10%.

Matsonic 8308E SiS730s Motherboard Review - Motherboards 16

I wanted to use this memory test because I wanted a synthetic benchmark included and I felt that the memory issues was big enough that potential buyers would want to know. You can see a fairly consistent 6% or so drop in memory speed with the PC133 on the SiS chipset than on the PC133 memory on the KT133A chipset.

Matsonic 8308E SiS730s Motherboard Review - Motherboards 17

I chose to not use the 3D Mark 2001 test yet because I had a few issues with it and my video card that I thought would make it an unfair and partial test, so bear through these 3D Mark 2000 tests one more time with me. The difference in 16-bit mode is about 5% while the difference between them is about 8% in the 32-bit texture mode. The SiS is again falling behind the performance motherboards, but this is to be expected for the most part.

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