The Package and Installation

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The CORE High Performance Heatsink Review - Cases and Cooling 5 As you can see from the photo on the right, the package contains the core itself, two copper shims (the top one for the Athlon/Duron CPU and the bottom one for the P4), two sets of nylon screws (the longer one for use with a Peltier, the shorter ones for use with motherboards that have the holes in the motherboard, in the right place), a syringe of Artic Silver II and two steel brackets with white nylon screws.

For ease of use the last item has been redesigned and now comes attached to the CORE. This redesign of the socket brackets include a spring mechanism making the CORE a simple matter to install. The Delta 37 cfm fan is supplied at an additional cost of about $ 12.00.

CPUFX, highly recommend the removal of the motherboard for installation and if you’re going to install the CORE by way of the holes in the motherboard and nylon screws, it’s the only way you can do it. This installation is not for the faint of heart and an extra pair of hands is almost a must. Some motherboards will not be compatible with this type of installation, the Asus A7V266 and the Iwill’s come to mind. REMEMBER not to over tighten the screws; you don’t want to flex/warp the motherboard.

You might ask why the shims?? Let me tell you that it’s almost impossible to get the CORE level on the CPU without it (I tried). A little trick I used in installing the shim that doesn’t mess up your CPU but holds it firmly in place, is go get some double-sided Scotch tape and place a little piece in area’s where it won’t come in contact with anything other than the ceramic part of the CPU (please, not on the core of the CPU).

The CORE High Performance Heatsink Review - Cases and Cooling 6 Before you install the CORE be sure to place a thin Coat of the supplied Artic Silver II on the core of the CPU, to do this, I like to use an expired credit card that I’ve cut into strips as wide as the core. The plastic flexes, and allows me to use my other hand to help guide the application, wipe off any excess compound on the plastic before going over the core a second or third time to smooth out the compound.

Installation by means of the spring-loaded socket brackets is quite straightforward. The use of the shim is still a recommended step. Once you have the CORE in place and attached to the three socket clips on both sides of the socket, you can tighten the bracket screws located on the top of each bracket until the CORE is firmly attached, here again, DO NOT over tighten the screws.

Unfortunately, with the demise of my camera there are no pictures that show the NEW spring loaded brackets but, the picture on the right (above) will show you how the CORE looks mounted to a motherboard. (Lesson learned, don’t let small grandchildren get their hands on your Digital Camera; they think everything will bounce.)

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