SiSoft Sandra and 3D Mark 2001

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AMD Duron 900 MHz Processor Review - Processors 21

Please excuse the typo in the image of the results there! 🙂 This is what rushed reviews look like! However, we do see a great improvement, as to be expected with the DDR powered Duron. It is even able to dominate the Athlon 1.33 GHz processor.

AMD Duron 900 MHz Processor Review - Processors 22

This is another example where the increase in performance from DDR SDRAM and overclocking seem to match up pretty well. The Duron 900 on the AMD 760 board performs much like the Duron 1150 on the KT133A Iwill board. This should emphasize that overclocking + DDR will yeild the highest results.

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