The Package and Installation

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The CPC-30370 arrived complete with a 60 mm Delta 37 cfm fan and is the choice of the writer. If the noise generated by the Delta is too much for you, KD Computers offers the CPC-30370 with your choice of fans or as a stand alone heatsink with all mounting hardware for those of you who may already have a suitable fan.

KDComp CPC-30370 Heatsink Review - Cases and Cooling 4
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As you can see from the picture, this has to be one of the easiest HSF’s to install. First, put a very thin layer of your favorite thermal compound (ours is Artic Silver II) on the core of the CPU. Place the CPC-30370 on the CPU with the step in the HSF to the top of the socket. Attach the two spring loaded retention clips to the center flanges of the Zif socket. Now back off the screws on the top of the retention clips about 1/8 of an inch or until the head of the screw is about that distance from the top of the clips. Plug the lead from the fan to the motherboards three-pin header (only if your motherboards fan header can handle the voltage) or to a four-pin Molex connector.

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The CPC-30370 should fit on any Socket A motherboard (the motherboard pictured above is an IWill KA266). The size of this HSF is such that it is in perfect alignment with the Zif socket and lever as you can see from the overhead view. The weight of this unit is not a question as it comes in complete at 343 grams and that is light as high performance heatsinks go, just compare the Hedgehog at 475 grams and the CORE at 500 grams just to mention a few that I’ve actually weighed.

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