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Safety Shim Information

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Everyone has heard horror stories about chipped or cracked CPU cores when either installing or removing an HSF. Enter on to the scene, spacers or shims whichever name you prefer.

Safety Shim Information - Cases and Cooling 4 There has been an ongoing argument as to whether shims/spacers aid in cooling; there are proponents on both sides of the fence. The writer has found NO advantage or disadvantage relating to cooling when using one.

CPUFX the manufacturers of one of the highest quality (if not the highest) Copper Shim (seen below) has responded to our need for a totally NON-Conductive Shim To help us protect our fragile CPU cores.

Their NEW product the “DTS 440 Anodized Shim” is non-electrically conductive. The aluminum shim has been CNC machined to the highest of standards and the anodized coating is microns thick (they wouldn’t tell me how many – state secret) which produces a very hard shell completely covering the metal. I inspected a bunch of them under a high powered magnifying glass and found them to be perfectly flat with absolutely no metal showing through the anodized shell.

The overall quality is superb; I don’t know how they can produce such a high quality safe product and sell it for $7.99. You can bet your bottom dollar that I have one protecting my CPU’s core as I write!!!!

Safety Shim Information - Cases and Cooling 5

I highly recommend this product (and no, I don’t work for them) to the point that I would NEVER build a high performance computer without the CPUFX DTS 440 Anodized Shim (I think Safety Shim is a better name) protecting the CPU’s core. I’ve included the picture below so any of you who are new to this type of thing can see the proper orientation of the shim on the CPU. Don’t you just love the pretty blue color???

Safety Shim Information - Cases and Cooling 6
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