Numbers and Conclusion

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The Hedgehog arrived with no thermal pad, but with a small package of thermal compound. The OCZ Gladiator is shipped with a thermal pad attached. The GlobalWin CAK-38 on the other hand, had no thermal pad, but instead some thermal paste and covering it a protective tape. We removed it all anyway and used Artic Silver II Thermal compound as we do in all our tests.

The current approximate retail selling price for our three contenders with the Delta 60 mm 37 cfm fan in US$ is:

The Hedgehog $ 38.99
The OCZ Gladiator $ 39.99
The GlobalWin CAK-38 $ 35.99

Let’s look at the numbers:

Highest Temp
112F – 45C
106F – 41C
110F – 43C
Lowest Temp
94F – 34C
91F – 33C
93F – 34C
Average Temp
102F – 39C
96F – 36C
100F – 38C

As a retired Industrial Engineer, I still do a lot of things as I did when I was working. An Example would be that I plot on a large graph the results I achieve with each new heatsink I test, being it strictly for my own education or for a review like this one. It is very interesting to see the changes in technology applied to heatsinks and with this current review you can actually see three different approaches to the same problem HEAT, the Hedgehog with its pins, the Gladiator with thin fins and the CAK-38 with its flat wide fins. Which technology is better???? The decision is yours to make!!!

Above are the numbers I was able to achieve, under what I believe to be ideal conditions and as such, none of the contenders were able to land a clean knockout punch.

Always remember, that there is a difference between the heat that different speed CPU’s produce. We use the Athlon 1.2GHz CPU that produces 66 watts, an Athlon 1 GHz produces 54 watts, and a Duron 850 produces 37 watts. You can’t expect the same temperature level attained with a Duron 850 to be attained (with everything being the same, except the CPU) by an Athlon 1.2 GHz CPC. When making comparisons, make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

It is my sincere hope that you’ve found this article to be informative and helpful. So until the next time, KEEP COOL!!!

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