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Digital Doc 5 Hardware Monitor Review

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The DigitalDoc5 is marketed as a “Thermal Sensor, Fan and Voltage Monitor” in reality it’s an Overclockers “Must Have” and a Cooling Junkie’s (that’s me) “Dream Come True”. Well, maybe that’s stretching it some!!!!

In actuality it’s more like three tools in one. First there are eight thermal probes (thermisters) 2 flat and 6 bulb types, the flat ones for use on HSF’s, memory, Video card processors etc., etc. and the bulb type for just about anywhere you want to monitor temperatures within your computer. I use them to search out hot spots in my case. Please Note the two types pictured below.

Digital Doc 5 Hardware Monitor Review - Cases and Cooling 8
Flat Type         Bulb Type

Second, not only will it replace a Bay Bus (a devise used to manually control fans, on and off and voltage supplied that controls the output of fans), but you can set DigitalDoc5 to activate selective or all fans at startup Unlike the Bay Bus, the DigitalDoc5 does not control the voltage like a Rheostat but can turn them on or off as needed.. You can preset temperatures levels that will automatically activate the fans of your choice when temperature levels reach the preset and you can shut them off in the same manner. Third, it is an accurate voltage meter warning you when you voltages drop or rise to unacceptable levels that you determine. Let me tell you, set it up right or the beeps of warning will drive you crazy.

Digital Doc 5 Hardware Monitor Review - Cases and Cooling 9 Being one that’s never felt comfortable with software generated monitors; the DigitalDoc5’s hardware approach is very appealing to me. What was hard to accept was the packaging; it’s on a blister card, like you’d expect to see in a Supermarket or Hardware Store hanging on a hook!! I miss the white box and/or the bubble wrapped package most items like this come in. I must be a purist!!

I’m going to reverse things a little and tell you the three things I don’t like about the product in the introduction. The first is that red card with white print. Once you remove the DigitalDoc5 from the blister card you’ll see (maybe) the Installation Instructions, if you need reading glasses forget it.

The Second item, which relates to the first, is that at the bottom of the card there is a note letting you know that detailed installation instructions are in the PDF manual. Third, no manual is packaged with this item and they don’t list their web site so you can download the twenty three page PDF version.

Now remember that’s ALL I didn’t like about the DigitalDoc5, the PDF manual is actually pretty good as manual’s go and you should have no trouble installing and setting up your DigitalDoc5 as long as you are careful and follow the instructions.

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