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Digital Doc 5 Hardware Monitor Review - Cases and Cooling 8 Once you remove the DigitalDoc5 from its blister card and layout its contents, you have, as pictured on the right everything you need for a successful installation; the DigitalDoc5 itself, hidden behind the unit are the fan connectors, 8 thermal probes, 8 pieces of thermal tape and a plastic baggy containing 2 types of screws (5 of each type for a total of 10). At this point you’re almost ready to go, but first you must decide how many thermal probes you’re going to use and where.

There is no need to connect any more than what you’re going to actually use and it will help reduce the cable clutter in your case. Now label the ones you’re going to use with the corresponding channel number on the PCB, connect them to the two pin sensor connectors pictured below. Be sure to keep a record of the channel number and where you’re placing the particular probe.

Digital Doc 5 Hardware Monitor Review - Cases and Cooling 9

On the left, in the picture above, you can see that Fan connectors are already mounted to the PCB, on the male end (where the contact pins are) is a hooded three pin connector that is pre-labeled, as we did earlier decide what fan will go to what connector and keep a record of it.

It is important to note that these are three pin connectors with the ability to report the Fan’s RPM. If your fans currently use the more common 4 pin Molex connector you’ll need a converter cable to change it to the three pin connector required and you will not have the ability to monitor the Fans RPM, only Fans equipped with the three wire/three pin connector can use this function.

Before we install the DigitalDoc5 in our computer lets take a look at a couple of its features. In the picture below you can see the good size backlit display screen that you have the option of keeping on all the time or just when you want to check your settings.

Digital Doc 5 Hardware Monitor Review - Cases and Cooling 10

Another option of the DigitalDoc5 not found in their previous versions is the ability to control and report the status of 120 mm fans. It would have been nice if MacPower had given up on the idea of using the unit as a hard drive bay and cooler, eliminated the fan, expanded the LCD screen and included extra buttons to simplify setup.

All right we’re ready to install the DigitalDoc5 in our computers empty 5.25” bay, be careful putting in the Thermal Probes and the Fan Connectors, connect the four pin Molex connector to an available one from the power supply.

With that done, it’s time to connect the Thermal Probes (using the provided thermal tape) refer back to your notes as to which goes where, now connect your fans to the three pin connectors again, referring to your notes connecting them in the order you’ll want to use them. Don’t turn anything on yet!! Make sure the Digital Doc5 is set up in your case exactly like you want it and then screw it into position.

First, let’s look at the DigitalDoc5’s display to give us an idea as to its functions. The drawing below of the LCD display is self explanatory, make sure you have the notes you made earlier of your Fan and Thermal Probe numbers and location, you’ll need them to configure your customized settings.

Digital Doc 5 Hardware Monitor Review - Cases and Cooling 11

The drawing below pictures the DigitalDoc5’s Control Buttons whose function should be evident. The unit is preset to the following values.

Temperature Set-Points set to 50C Fan #1 is ON and RPM monitoring enabled

Power Warning is set to +5% or +.25V for +5 VDC and +.6V for +12 VDC

The values can always be changed if you make a mistake by pressing the reset button at start up.

Digital Doc 5 Hardware Monitor Review - Cases and Cooling 12

It is highly recommended that you download and print the PDF manual from MacPower’s Web Site

Setting up the DigitalDoc5 is straightforward once you study the manual. The three functions most people will use are Fan Monitoring, Fan Power and Temperature Settings. All the settings you establish are saved on an inbuilt EEPROM so the only time re-setting is required is if you reset the unit. One great feature of the DigitalDoc5 is the “Force” button, if for some reason you run into difficulties, in the normal use of your computer, buy pushing the Force button you can immediately activate ALL you fans or for that matter, shut them ALL down.

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