SiSoft and 3DMark 2001

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Gigabyte 7ZXR (2.2) KT133A Motherboard Review - Motherboards 15

Unfortunately, we see the Gigabyte 7ZXR board take a back seat on this test. I really don’t have any answers as to WHAT or WHY this difference occurs; only that it does. As a synthetic benchmark, SiSoft doesn’t have any real-world counterpart but is instead a gauging of a systems overall performance.

Gigabyte 7ZXR (2.2) KT133A Motherboard Review - Motherboards 16

This benchmark gets more and more visually impressive every time I run it. Sometimes, I’d loop it for hours, like I am now as I type this. 🙂 Again, the 7ZXR falls just slightly behind in the results. What can we gauge from all these test results?

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