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TaiSol Copper Bottom HSF Review - Cases and Cooling 5 As can be seen from the pictures, this is a formidable HSF. It measures 60 mm from north to south (where the clips are) and has a width west to east of 80 mm, the height will vary depending on what fan you use with it. One of the most important attributes of this unit is the copper bottom (seen on the left) that aids in the dispersal of heat. The first thing I did was remove the supplied pad in favor of thermal compound.

Warning!!! Before purchasing this product make sure it will fit on your motherboard. Most of the newer motherboards should have no problems, but they may be one or two out there that would.

Below are a couple of pictures taken at different angles showing the TaiSol CGK7600092 mounted on an IWill motherboard. Please note that the stock fan (the one that comes with it) is pictured. It’s a low profile, low noise Delta 60 mm x 10 mm fan producing 21 cfm’s (I never thought I’d use quiet and Delta in the same sentence). In our test the fan will be changed to the more familiar Delta 37 cfm fan (more air movement and more noise). It will be the same fan used in our previous reviews to maintain continuity.

TaiSol Copper Bottom HSF Review - Cases and Cooling 6
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Please notice the three pronged clip, yet another of the great features built into this HSF. After putting a VERY, VERY thin layer of thermal compound (paste if you prefer) on the CPU’s core I positioned the TaiSol CGK7600092 on top of the CPU aligned with the flanges on both sides of the socket, holding it gently, I attached the rear part of the clip to the flanges, then using a small screwdriver I attached the front part of the clip to the flanges. What a breeze to install, I don’t know if I actually needed the screwdriver, but I used it anyway. The heatsink was rock solid and stable, I tried to move it gently, it didn’t move.

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At this point I removed the heatsink to see what kind of contact was being made between the CPU’s core and the bottom of the heatsink. It had the perfect imprint of the core. I cleaned both the core and the heatsink and reinstalled it. Time to see what this baby can do!!

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