The Numbers and Conclusion

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We ran the very same tests in the exact order as we did with the CPC-30370, the Hedgehog and the CORE. We have dropped the Core from our comparison only because it is really in a class of exotics in design and price range.

The current approximate retail pricing for the three HSF’s using the Delta 37 cfm fan is as follows:

TaiSol CGK7600092 $ 44.00
CPC-30370 $ 37.00
The Hedgehog $ 50.00

Let’s take a look at the numbers.

The Hedgehog
Highest Temp
97F – 36C
102F – 38.9C
112F – 44.5C
Lowest Temp
87F – 31C
91F – 32.8C
94F – 34.4C
Average Temp
93F – 34C
96F – 35.6C
102F – 38.9C

Please note: Your results may or may not coincide with what I have attained, as listed above, due to a difference in equipment and cooling. The tests were conducted in order to show you the capabilities of each HSF studied and to give you the information you require in making an informed purchase. I cannot overstress the importance of good system cooling in addition to the high performance HSF of your choice.

What more can I say, the TaiSol CGK7600092 Copper Bottomed HSF is a WINNER in every respect. I could find nothing to complain about this unit. It should meet and surpass the needs of 99% of computer user’s, be it Overclocker or Business user or Enthusiast like me, who want the very best in performance even if we don’t push our systems to the limit. It’s nice to know it’s there and capable. This beauty is definitely a keeper!!!!

Note: For those of you wondering if I used a shim and a fan guard, the answer is no, not during the tests. Once the tests were completed, I installed one of the new non-conductive Safety Shims and installed a chrome fan grill to protect any limb that might find its way towards the fan blades moving at 7000 rpm.

My thanks go out to Dave at KD Computers for his help with the pictures and of course for supplying our subject matter and to Ryan Shrout the founder of who has allowed me the opportunity to share my thoughts and findings with you all.

New Projects

I’m currently working on a few projects I can talk about, one is a round up of three to four of the newest fad “Fan Adapters”, another deals with a couple of exotic “Chipset Coolers” and one that’s taking a long time to complete dealing in all aspects of cooling. Stay with us, who knows what I’ll get into next!!

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