SiSoft Sandra and 3D Mark

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Sisoft Sandra (ver 2001.0.7.10) is used by everybody to test their systems performance. The following results were obtained by running the system at default without any overclocking. Then I ran them again with the CPU Host/SDRAM/PCI clock set to 142/142/35mhz in Bios for the T-bird and 107/142/35mhz for the Duron. At this point I should mention that 146/146/36mhz was available but with these settings the system wouldn’t complete all the benchmarks so 142/142/35mhz was used for all the T-bird overclocking and the 107/142/35 was the best available selection for the Duron.

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Here we have the Default and Overclocked scores from both of MadOnions 3Dmark tests. This is a D3D benchmark and is used as a standard by most gamers. These tests really tax a system and require not only a good video card but also a motherboard that can work in harmony with its chipsets allowing for a steady flow of information to and from its components. Now lets look at a few 3Dmark scores.

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