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Passmark Performance Test ver 3.2

You may not have heard of the next test. Passmark Performance Test 3.2. is a program that tests the entire systems performance and gives you a chart that shows you how each area performed. It also has several loadable comparison charts so you can get an idea how your system stacks up against others. I ran this test at the Default and overclocked settings.

Transcend ALR4 ALi MAGiK 1 Motherboard Review - Motherboards 20

As you can see the test gives you a good overview of how each area of your system performs. The only area that is inconstistent is the benchmarking of the IDE hard drive. As you can see in the Disk Random Seek + RW the Overclocked Duron lost .7 point for some reason but this didn’t happen with the T-Bird.

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