Visiontek GeForce 3 Review

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Visiontek GeForce 3 Review - Graphics Cards 22 Six months ago, nVidia release their much heralded GeForce 2 Ultra. Today, we now have the GeForce 3 before us. As with its predecessors, nVidia has continued its dominance of the graphics industry. As you will see the GeForce 3 lives up to nVidia’s reputation for performance and cutting-edge technology.

The currant GeForce 2 can only draw a 3D scene if the scene is specifically explained to them it in a particular method. In order for game developers to fully utilize the features of the GeForce 2, their games must be able to conform or output data that describes 3D environments in a way that the accelerator can assimilate. To do this, developers use programming interfaces such as Direct3D or OpenGL that both the accelerator and game can understand. Prior to the GeForce 3, developers were restricted to the same hard-coded palette of effects and ended up with the same generic look and feel.

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