AMD Enters the Multiprocessor Server and Workstation Market

AMD Athlon MP and AMD-760MP Chipset Technology

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AMD Athlon MP and AMD-760MP Chipset Technology - Chipsets 16 The wait is over! Many of you have no doubt been waiting for this very day with anticipation like no other. The realm of the dual-Athlon world is about to unfold before the world and is proud to be able to bring it to you.

Since the inception of the Slot A formatted Athlon processor, the hopes and theories of an MP platform for AMD flagship processor have been debated and scrutinized. In what has seemed like an eternity, spanning a front-side bus increase as well as a format change, AMD has been developing just such a platform. And today is the first appearance of the result of months of work and preparation.

Before we delve into what makes up the new Athlon MP processor and AMD7 60MP motherboard chipset, we should first take a look at the corporate strategy that has fueled AMD’s development until now and what and where it will be pushed in the years to come.

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