Chipset Comparisons

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In the press packet, AMD supplied me with some comparison charts to gauge its AMD-760 MP chipset against other competing multiprocessor solutions. First, we have a look at the AMD-760 MP against the Intel 840 chipset.

AMD Athlon MP and AMD-760MP Chipset Technology - Chipsets 16

As you can see, the AMD-760 MP chipset beats or meets everything the Intel 840 has to offer, with the exception of a 66 MHz PCI bus. Also, many of the features of the i840 chipset require the use of an additional item, the memory repeater hub.

AMD Athlon MP and AMD-760MP Chipset Technology - Chipsets 17

In this comparison to the ServerSet III LE chipset, again the AMD-760 MP beats everything they can throw at it, except the 66 MHz PCI bus. Do notice, however, that the ServerSet chipset offers no Power Management support that is seen by many manufacturers as vital in the enhanced and above server level.

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