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So, now you have seen for yourselves the introduction of the Athlon MP processor and the new AMD-760 MP chipset that will allow your dual-Athlon dreams to come true. This is the second step in AMD’s grander scale to dramatic increase their market share by expanding to new markets that have previously left Intel without any competition. Two months from now or so, we’ll see the launching of the desktop version of the Palomino processor, probably at 1.5 GHz.

If you came here looking for a review of the first available AMD-760 MP motherboard, the Tyan Thunder K7, you should wander on over to our review of it in the next article. Since this technology briefing was so long, I decided it would be better to break the content up into two separate pieces.

The specs are in and AMD’s claims are laid before us all. Now it is time to see if they, and Tyan, can deliver on their promises.

Now, head on over to the Tyan Thunder K7 motherboard review!

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