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To give you a general idea of what the various markets are that AMD is reaching for, I have taken the following diagrams from the AMD Press Presentation and shown them to you here.

AMD Athlon MP and AMD-760MP Chipset Technology - Chipsets 16

At the lowest level of a workstation, those used in financial organizations such as the government, banking and brokerage, are termed Basic workstation form factors. Using 1-2 processors, these machines will range from $3000 to $4000 each. In the middle, we have the mid-range workstation market that is commonly seen as digital content creation (i.e. animation, editing, film/video). These machines will probably be seen in the range of $5000 to $7000. Finally, the highest level of workstation status machine will be seen in the engineering category with MCAD and EDA as the most common applications. Using 2 to 4 processors, these workstations run anywhere from $7000 to $10,000+.

AMD Athlon MP and AMD-760MP Chipset Technology - Chipsets 17

The server market adds a few more dimensions to the picture. Starting low, the Appliance servers such as those used for Cache and NAS, which are below $6000 in price, will be using a 1 or 2 processor setup. Moving up in expense, we have the Infrastructure servers that manage business with services like file serving, print serving, security and web serving. Again, they are in the $6000 dollar range and optional use two processors. Collaborative servers that are responsible for e-mail, complex web serving and large databases are still located in the Basic category of servers in the area of $6000. More likely than those mentioned before, collaborative serves will use two processors.

Scalable servers that use 2 to 4 processors will be found in the high-end collaborative category in or in the lower end Decision Support field servers that are used for data warehousing. Finally, rounding out with Enterprise servers, utilizing anywhere from 8 to 32 processors are found in Business processing such as ERP, CRP and SAP. These will commonly push the price of $100,000, which is probably a bit much for most of our readers. 🙂

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