Cooling Basics

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For the past year I’ve been preaching about the need to approach cooling as a “Total Package”. Cooling is not only concerned with the HSF (heatsink fan combination) sitting on your CPU, but rather involves every choice you make in building your new computer. The object of this article is to explore and hopefully demonstrate how this all fits together, like pieces of a puzzle.

To many of our readers, this article will be quite basic, to others it will be an eye-opening experience. So sit back while I rant and rave about one of my favorite subjects.

During the course of this exercise, we’ll introduce you to a number of products that can help you realize your Cool Dream Machine and to others that just make it look good while still being functional. There will be some items we’ll mention in passing I.E. motherboards, memory etc. and still others we won’t mention at all like mice, keyboards etc. we are assuming that you all have chosen the world’s best high performance CPU the AMD Duron and/or Athlon. So let’s get started!!!

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