Rounded Cables and Hardware Monitoring

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Very early on, we showed you a picture of the inside of Steamer808’s (a valued Cooling Basics - Cases and Cooling 27 friend and fellow member) case and commented on his good air flow created by his rounded and loomed IDE cables and what an important role they play in reducing system temperatures. Many of us either don’t have the time or steady hands required to make our own.

Not to fear, a growing number of online suppliers are now offering Machine Rounded Cables as a standard inventory item. They are available for the following drives; Floppy, UDMA 33, UDMA66/100 and SCSI. There are different lengths, different colors and different quality levels.

The picture is a good representation of three different varieties and three different qualities of Rounded cables. The highest quality of product is the Silver Series of which I have a complete set. To my knowledge the Silver Series is only available at and in the US and they have a hard time keeping them in stock, the demand is so great.

Hardware Monitoring Devices

There are three of these devices that come to mind; The DigitalDoc5, the CompuNurse and the Enermax HDD Rack.

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The DigitalDoc5 is the most versatile of the three, with eight thermal probes (2 flat and 6 round probes) and the ability to control up to eight fans; it also allows the digital readouts to be read in either Celsius or Fahrenheit, it is also the most complicated and the most expensive. But, a very important feature is that it allows you to set the range of acceptable temperatures for your equipment and when exceeded, will give you an audible warning!!

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The CompuNurse is a simple device that looks real good mounted in one of your spare drive bay covers. It has one flat thermal probe that is ideal for mounting to your CPU, Video card CPU or Northbridge chip. The CompuNurse is a no frills temperature monitor that only allows for digital readings in Celsius. It is the least expensive of our trio.

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Finally, we have the Enermax HDD rack. This unit serves multiple purposes first it’s a 5.25” bay hard drive rack that can also be used to house one or two 80mm fans in place of a hard drive and as an added feature, also contains two digital displays connected to two flat thermal probes. Like the CompuNurse the display only reads in Celsius and it priced just a little bit higher than the unit shown above.

Why do I need one of these devices??? If you’re into serious overclocking, one of these devices becomes a necessity as your CPU core temperature can be critical and the digital readout can make the difference by showing you the temperature before you fry your CPU!!!

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