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We have attempted to show and explain, in as much detail as space has allowed the ingredients that when understood and assembled together into your high performance computer, will hopefully lead to a stable and well cooled system.

As I’m sure you’ve noted there is no perfect system that will suit everyone, there are too many individual choices that have to be made to accommodate likes and dislikes, noise tolerance levels, personal finances, etc., etc.

We have shown you some products vital to your cooling system and at the same time tried to show you some real neat products as well. We didn’t get into case modification, or chipset coolers, or heatsinks for your memory, but tried to stay with the basics as much as possible. I hope you have found this article helpful and informative.

My Thanks go to all those who helped make this article possible by supplying product and/or photos. Dave of, Tony of, Christi and Chris of, Cole of, Andrew of, Michele and Jim of, Kevin and Scott of, my buddy Steamer808 and all the great people who frequent the Case & Cooling Forum at

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