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Customized Lian-Li PC-12 Case Review - Cases and Cooling 14

In this picture you can clearly see the two parts of the wiring harness, making for an easy connection.

On top of the case you’ll see one of three modifications pictured here, the 92mm Exhaust Hole. The purpose of a exhaust hole in the roof of the case follows a common principle, heat rises. And nowadays with our heat producing 7200 RPM hard drives, CDRW’s and DVD drives, much more heat is generated in the upper bays of our computer. If that heat is allowed to stay in the case our system temperatures rise and so will our CPU temperatures. Why?? The additional heat sources are causing a green house effect to take place within our computer case. The exhaust hole releases that heat.

Customized Lian-Li PC-12 Case Review - Cases and Cooling 15

This picture gives us a clearer look at the modification of the original rear exhaust fan and the inclusion of a second rear exhaust fan.

The mod here was the removal of excess metal that hampered the original exhaust fan and prevented it from doing an optimal job. The grill area was cut out and replaced by a standard 80mm fan grill that greatly increased the flow of hot air out of the case.

This is something that always puzzled me, why do case manufactures still build cases with restrictive metal grills, why not just leave the area open or attach a standard grill. This is a mod that should be done to all cases to improve air flow!!!

The second rear exhaust fan is placed right below the original and this mod assures a flow of air across our hot GeForce class video cards (another heat producer) and helps to remove hot air in the PCI slot area the inclusion of the blow hole and twin rear exhaust fans goes a long way in eliminating any hot spots that might have arisen do to our choice of equipment.

The last mod in the picture above is the perfectly placed window which you might think only has an aesthetic value. After all we’ve spent a lot of money on the innards of our computers; we have a right to show them off. Of course we do, but it also serves a very functional purpose, think of it this way, we all know someone who has lost a CPU because something went wrong, like the heatsinks fan dying. With the Window you could see the problem quicker and shut down your system. Without a Window when your heat warning goes off, it might already be too late. Below are a few more pictures to give you an idea of what can be done with Windows. The one above is pretty simple; the ones below show the addition of a fan or fans to the Window.

Customized Lian-Li PC-12 Case Review - Cases and Cooling 16 Customized Lian-Li PC-12 Case Review - Cases and Cooling 17

The Windows pictured are clear, but are available in Red, Blue, Green or Gray (mine is Red) at an additional cost.

OK, what would a beauty like this cost me, it must be expensive?? Not really, when you consider what you get, we are talking the Lian-Li Aluminum Mid-Tower Case, an Enermax 350 watt power supply, all the fans and grills, the Window and trim and all the labor involved to turn out this masterpiece. So, what’s the price?? $369.60 plus shipping!! Be sure to add an additional $8.00 for a colored Window.


What more can be said!! I have yet to meet or hear of an unhappy Lian-Li Aluminum Case owner, the case is simple one of the very best on the market today. Add to this already great case the fantastic modding job performed by DesignComp ( and you have a one of a kind beauty. Add your own personality to it and DesignComp will even modify a case supplied by you.

Was there a downside to this exercise??? You bet there was!!! I had to return the case!!

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