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Everything about the Thermalright SK-6 is unique, including the packaging, please note the photos below. As you can see the packaging is more than sufficient to protect the all

Thermalright SK-6 Copper Heatsink Review - Cases and Cooling 7 Thermalright SK-6 Copper Heatsink Review - Cases and Cooling 8

copper SK-6. The package includes the fan of your choice (empty cutout), the heatsink and two different sets of fan clips (one set for a 25mm high fan and one set for a 38mm high fan) also pictured is the socket clip and one of those nasty thermal pads that we replace with thermal compound/paste.

The SK-6 is made up by a copper base with 70 extremely thin fins soldered to the base to insure effective contact. The well designed and thought-out fin design allow for a very significant surface area in excess of one square foot. Even with all this surface area the weight is only 330 grams, which is considered light for an all copper heatsink. At its widest (the top) this heatsink is only 64mm(L) x 72mm (W) x 31.6mm (H). This low profile does not interfere with the air flow in a mid-tower case and allows air to freely move over the surface.

Thermalright SK-6 Copper Heatsink Review - Cases and Cooling 9

I would like you to notice two additional features displayed in this photo. The first is the void in the middle of the heatsink; this is to accommodate the well designed socket clip Thermalright employs with the SK-6. The second, is the inner ridge to the outside of each section, this little shelf is used to hold the fan, which means that the fan sits about an eighth of an inch above the surface of the fins themselves.

Thermalright SK-6 Copper Heatsink Review - Cases and Cooling 10

In this picture, you’ll get a good view of the SK-6’s underside. Please excuse the quality of this picture it’s not the best, but sufficient to show you the points of interest.

First, there are two little nibs with a hole in them; these are used to attach the retaining wires for the fan. Second, you can clearly see the ridge at the top and at the side of the plateau, the top ridge is for clearance for the top of the socket and the side ridge is for clearance of the sockets opening arm.

Thermalright SK-6 Copper Heatsink Review - Cases and Cooling 11

In this picture you’ll see the proper installation of the fan retaining wires (it’s wise to assemble the fan to the heatsink before mounting the SK-6 to your CPU). Also note the front clip has a retaining slot for a flat head screwdriver to insure a slip free installation. It does take considerable pressure to attach the clip, but it is quite mild when compared to the GlobalWin clip..

Please note the proper orientation of the fan. The SK-6 has been designed so that the fan blows air down on the heatsink (this point cannot be over stressed).

What will happen if I have the fan sucking the air up from the heatsink?? The answer is simple, you’ll get high CPU temperatures, even as high as inexpensive or improperly installed heatsinks loosing all the advantages of this high performance wonder.

Thermalright SK-6 Copper Heatsink Review - Cases and Cooling 12

Finally we’re ready to install the SK-6, but first, make sure you have applied a very, very thin layer of thermal compound/paste to the core of the CPU and nowhere else. Now holding the SK-6 attach the back clip to the center flange of your socket, lay it gently (while still holding it) on the CPU and insert a flathead screwdriver in the front clip in the area provided, exert downward and outward pressure on the clip until it firmly locks onto the front of the sockets center flange. Now make sure the SK-6 is properly seated on the CPU. That’s it, one high performance HSF installed!!!! The completed installation should resemble our picture.

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