Tyan Thunder K7 AMD-760 MP Motherboard Review

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The tide is upon us. This is no doubt one of many Tyan Thunder K7 motherboard reviews that you will see today. The excitement of the launch of the first AMD dual-Athlon has been brewing since the very first specs and images of this motherboard were seen right here on many months ago.

Tyan Thunder K7 AMD-760 MP Motherboard Review - Motherboards 41

First, I highly suggest you read my article on the technology behind the Athlon MP processor and AMD-760 MP chipset as I will leave some of those details out during the review. Catching up on that article will put us all on the same level.

Those of you who have been waiting for this day can finally celebrate the release of the Tyan Thunder K7 motherboard. But should you party hard and throw the hard earned cash out to your favorite vendor? That decision will, as always, be left up to you. One thing you may want to know right now, is that the Tyan dual board will be the only motherboard available on the AMD-760 MP chipset for quite some time; in the realm of three months. And, the Tyan Thunder K7 is available now, at such fine retailers as Monarch Computer. That alone may be the deciding factor in your motherboard purchasing debate. If not, I ask you to continue on with the review! 🙂

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