Power and Power Supply Options

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Many of you have asked in our forums (now located at http://www.amdforums.com/) about whether or not your power supply will be enough to push the dually system that is launching today. Short answer: No.

This may come as a surprise to many, but the Tyan Thunder K7, and all upcoming AMD-760 MP chipset motherboards, will be using a completely different ATX standard than on previous Socket A motherboards. More along the lines of the Pentium 4 power options, the new power supplies have an extended ATX power connector, no longer in a 10×2 pin format, now in a 12×2 format. These extra 4 pins mean 0% compatibility between the older power supplies and the new ones.

Tyan Thunder K7 AMD-760 MP Motherboard Review - Motherboards 41

To further add to the power dilemma, the Tyan Thunder K7 also requires an additional 4×2 power connector, placed near the top of the motherboard, by the PS/2 ports.

As of this publication, there are only two power supplies that are verified and supported by AMD to power the AMD-760 MP chipset.



I was sent the Delta power supply, pictured below

Tyan Thunder K7 AMD-760 MP Motherboard Review - Motherboards 42

So, if you considering purchasing this motherboard, you will need to find one of these power supplies first as well. And that may be your hardest task. As of this publication, stock of either of the above mentioned power supplies is basically non-existent.

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