Case, Monitor, Speakers, Mouse and O/S

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Case – Lian Li PC60 w/ 400watt Power Supply – $225

Though the Lian Li line of case are are expensive, these all aluminum cases are both functional and attractive. Our Cases and Cooling Forum will demonstrate the great features and use for this case that include fan placements for air flow as well as being light, yet sturdy in design. The tool-less construction of the Lian Li means there are no sharp edges and the case is easy to work in, especially with the slide out motherboard tray as a feature.

System Recommendation Guide - July 2001 - General Tech 14

Monitor – 19” Samsung 955 – $225

Of all the components of the system guide, this was the one I got the most responces about. Many people did not yet know that Samsung even made monitors, let alone good ones! Yet others bashed my selection and told me about other monitors from Sony and Viewsonic; but yet I do not sway. I have used other monitors, even a Sony 19″ that was mentioned, and can still say I prefer the Samsung on a price/performance ratio, hands down.

System Recommendation Guide - July 2001 - General Tech 15

Speakers – Altec Lansing ATP5 – $130

An upgrade from our previous selection of the ATP3s from Altec Lansing, the ATP5s offer you 5 speakers instead of three: two rear channel speakers now are included. Also the controls on the primary speaker have changed as well. The volume, bass and treble levels are now digital controls. Lights on the front panel of the speaker show you what percentage of the max output you are at a given time.

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If you are die hard fan of the sound, music or require the absolute BEST in audio quality, then you should look into the Klipcsh ProMedia 4.1s. Watch the price though, as they are around $300.

Mouse – Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer – $50

Since the introduction of the optical mouse, I have been hooked. I have the Intellimouse Explorer since they were first released, and true to their word, it has never be cleaned, never malfunctioned and performed better than any wheel mouse ever could. Plus, it’s shiny! The price has gone down twenty bucks or so, and you can even find this mouse in OEM (white box) for around $40! Nice! Oh, and just for a plug to my friend Kyle over at HardOCP, no mouse would be complete without a nice RatPad underneath it! I have used one of these for over a year now! (…and I even paid for it!…)

System Recommendation Guide - July 2001 - General Tech 17

Operating System – Windows 2000 Professional – $150

I think enough time has passed and enough improvements have occurred that I can finally recommend Windows 2000 over Windows 98 SE. The stability of Windows 2000 vastly out shines the 98 SE and ME counterparts and the gaming scores of Windows 2000 are actually outpacing the older versions now. The price above is for the full version, but you can get the upgrade for a discounted price, of course.

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