Introduction Ultimate System Guide

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I have been touted and promoting this Ultimate System Guide for quite a while here on Why? Because I was very excited about all the components that were being gathered for it. Well, after getting the final part just a couple days ago, the guide can be completed!

Anyone who has read my previous Recommended System Guides knows that instead of having multiple systems in each guide for different prices ranges and uses, I focused on a single system with what I felt was the best overall performer and was also a good value for just about every computer user. I got enough emails and prodding from staff members about what is the BEST system out there, that I decided to start gathering my thoughts and some hardware for this article you are about to read.

There are a couple of factors that I used in choosing these components. First, was price and performance. As you will no doubt tell, I decided to go with more expensive items that performed better, but I probably didn’t choose the HIGHEST end component. Hey, its an ‘ultimate’ system guide not ‘not-even-possible’ system guide, right? 🙂 Secondly, I used my personal opinion and tastes. Especially when it comes to our custom case choice, which I think you will all like!

Finally, I will mention a couple alternatives to each component I choose and give reasons for including them as well. Enough chitchat – on with the goods!!

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