Video and Sound Cards

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Video card – Visiontek GeForce 3 – $350
The ultimate gaming and performance video card available today (without stretching to the $1000+ cards of the workstation class), the GeForce 3 is my top choice. Most any GeForce three card will do, but I chose the Visiontek simply because of the amount of success we have had here at with it. You can read the entire GF3 review to get more information on this card, if you’d like. Ultimate System Guide - Systems 22

Sound card – Turtle Beach Santa Cruz – $70
This sound card is labeled by most of as the best pro-sumer audio card on the market today. It offers great sound quality on its 5.1 channel system, excellent features and support for all the Windows operating systems. Ultimate System Guide - Systems 23

Other Options: Philips Acoustic Edge – $100
This is also a very excellent sound card that goes nearly toe-to-toe with the features and sound of the Turtle Beach card.

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