3D Mark 2001 and SPECviewperf

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MSI K7 Master-S (MS-6341S) AMD 760 Motherboard Review - Motherboards 19
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3DMark2001 is a diagnostics tool for measuring the 3D game performance of PCs. 3DMark2001 uses a real game engine (MAX-FX Technology, by Remedy Entertainment) in all tests. This means that the obtained performance level in the game tests is accurate. Being that the Master-S and A7M266 both employ AGP Pro implementations, and identical graphics controllers, illustrates that the results are on par and consequentially indistinguishable.

MSI K7 Master-S (MS-6341S) AMD 760 Motherboard Review - Motherboards 20
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SPECviewperf is a portable OpenGL performance benchmark program written in C. SPECviewperf parses command lines and data files, sets the rendering state, and converts data sets to a format that can be traversed using OpenGL rendering calls. It renders the data set for a pre-specified amount of time or number of frames with animation between frames. Finally, it outputs the results. SPECviewperf reports performance in frames per second. Other information about the system under test — all the rendering states, the time to build display lists (if applicable), and the data set used — are output in a standardized report. Strangely, DesignReview (DRV-07) seemed to favour the A7M266, whereas the Master-S maintained the lead with the other four benchmarks.

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