Content Creation and WinBench

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MSI K7 Master-S (MS-6341S) AMD 760 Motherboard Review - Motherboards 19
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Content Creation Winstone 2001 is a system-level, application-based benchmark that measures a PC’s overall performance when running today’s Windows-based Internet content creation applications. Adobe(R) Photoshop(R) 5.5, Adobe Premiere(R) 5.1, Macromedia(R) Director 8.0, Macromedia(R) DreamWeaver 3.0, Netscape Navigator(R) 4.7, Sonic Foundry(R) Sound Forge(R) 4.5. The Master-S manages to best the A7M266 by as much as twenty-one Winstone units.

MSI K7 Master-S (MS-6341S) AMD 760 Motherboard Review - Motherboards 20
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WinBench 99 is a subsystem-level benchmark that measures the performance of a PC’s graphics, disk, processor, and video subsystems in a Windows environment. As with Content Creation Winstone 2001, WinBench99 v1.2 provides an accurate example as to the overall performance of a system. Asus’ A7M266 manages to get the better of the Master-S in the FrontPage98 and Microstation SE benchmarks. Overall, the Master-S was able to outperform the A7M266 by seven of the nine benchmarks.

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