CliBench and ATTO Disk Bench

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MSI K7 Master-S (MS-6341S) AMD 760 Motherboard Review - Motherboards 19
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CliBench is a suite of synthetic benchmarks that includes the following benchmarks: Dhrystones, Whetstones, Eight queen’s problem, Matrix operations, Number Crunching, Floating point, memory throughput, hard disk’s throughput, and the CPU usage. The illustration above represents the remarkable sequential reads and writes of 165MB/sec. It is important to note that these results were obtained by Adaptec’s 7899G SCSI controller and Windows2000 dynamic disk software RAID implementation.

MSI K7 Master-S (MS-6341S) AMD 760 Motherboard Review - Motherboards 20
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ATTO ExpressPro-Tools software is an easy-to-use configuration utility that allows users to create storage volumes, optimize volumes by setting parameters and benchmark volumes to test performance. Another storage sub-system benchmark. By using various storage benchmarks, provides guideline as to the performance of a given array. Once more, the sequential writes and reads confirm the results of CliBench Mk III SMP. Although the sequential writes of 165MB/sec are exceptional, the SCSI bus will allow write speeds of up to 533MB/sec. Therefore, it will take approximately sixteen Seagate X15 II’s to saturate the 64-bit 66MHz dual channel SCSI bus.

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